The name Between the Zip came about as a personal stylistic leaning towards the way a t-shirt looks when worn under a jacket; in my case, a black, beat up, leather zippered jacket. I’ve always liked this look and how, when worn this way, only part of the image on the front can be seen … a little intrigue can go a long way.

This idea was further mirrored by the concept behind the images on the t.shirts themselves, – glimpses of torn-off, almost forgotten strips of stories, from an alternative world close to extinction.

Between the Zip is also a combined tip of the hat to the Rolling Stone’s 1967 album, Between the Buttons and the zipper on their later 1971 album, Sticky Fingers. Apart from managing to reference a band that I am rather fond of, it is that idea again of something being concealed or partly revealed and the sense of mystery this conjures up.

Last but not least, I was drawn to the word ‘between’. It is a word that can’t be tied down to one particular thing. It is not obvious. And I like that. In my mind, between suggests a pause for thought, that is soon to be followed by some type of movement.

But in which direction?